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Beglittered Geek » Why I canceled my subscription boxes…

Why I canceled my subscription boxes…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve canceled all my subscriptions! I have a few catch up posts to do from August and September subs but if memory serves I canceled pretty much everything as of the end of September. It was kind of a sad moment as I really looked forward to getting those packages every month, but I was so darn behind on posting my sub reviews the previous few months and was positively swimming in samples. I was in absolute TPO (tiny product overload).

The hardest things to cancel were my indie subscriptions. I so loved getting new pretties every month but I just was not using things fast enough. I think at this point I have enough eyeshadow to paint a small dance troupe every day for a couple decades! I’ve yet to use up even a single indie mini let alone a full size and I have tons and tons of them. I adore my indies to death but if I’m not using them up, they’re piling up!

On top of all that, it was an added expense I just did not need. My last few months with Ipsy and Birchbox I was debating canceling and the little makeup hoarder on one shoulder kept saying “but I want to blog these!” and the voice of reason on the other shoulder was like, “ok but girl…. GIRL… buying something just to blog it when you’re not going to get around to using it this month is not realistic. Let’s pay some bills. Pay billlllllsssss.” Makeup is not a cheap addiction and the cash I was spending on subscription boxes with beauty samples I barely use and eyeshadows I’ll never use up before the next batch arrives just got to be silly… 😯 It was like 3 lipsticks that I’ll wear on the daily or an eyeshadow palette… a new bottle of foundation and primer to replace the ones I just used up… you get it!

I might resubscribe to one or two again eventually (Birchbox and Boxycharm are my mainstream contenders) but for the moment my subscription train is on an indefinite layover. Sorry if this disappoints, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! 💋

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