Urban Decay & Gwen Stefani UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review


UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve had this baby for a few months now and I’m excited to finally be sharing it with you!

This palette is $58 for 21g of product. As a comparison the Naked palettes are all $54 for 15.6g so you’re getting a bit more shadow for your money in this one compared to a palette from the Naked line and it’s a much better deal compared to individual shadow prices!

What UD says about it:

This is the beauty collaboration you’ve been waiting for! We partnered with Gwen to create her ultimate eyeshadow collection. From her 15 can’t-live-without shades to the super-luxe case, Gwen designed and developed her perfect palette.

We spent countless hours at Gwen’s house, talking makeup and working closely with her on every detail. We carefully crafted the shadows with Gwen filling a void by creating the exact shades she always wished she had in her collection. We loaded this palette with her 15 must-have shades of Eyeshadow (12 are NEW, and three are from the UD shadow collection). With an insane range of neutrals and a few jewel tones to mix things up, this is Gwen’s go-to kit to achieve her most iconic looks. And with these shades in your arsenal, you’ll have everything you need to recreate these signature looks for yourself.

When we say Gwen collaborated with us on every detail of this palette, we mean it—right down to the case, which was inspired by her love of black-and-white graphic prints and antique gold accents. She also handpicked most of the shade names, which were based on her songs. There’s even a nod to the No Doubt song “Magic’s in the Makeup” on the palette’s huge mirror.

Gwen already loves our Eyeshadow, and now she gets to have the shades she’s always wanted in our formula. Each Eyeshadow in this palette features our Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability.

The Packaging

I feel like a ton of detail went into this packaging.

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette - Front Case

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette – Front Case

It was difficult to photograph with my rather amateur photography equipment but the packaging is a reflective bright gold around the border and back with black and white circular pattern on the front and a raised brushed metal looking UD|Gwen Stefani label. Inside on the bottom right corner of the mirror is printed “Magic’s In The Makeup” which is a nice touch.

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette - Back Case

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette – Back Case

It’s gorgeous and very Gwen but I have to be honest, the gold picks up fingerprints like crazy as you can tell from the photo of the back of the case. It’s not as obvious on the gold as it is on the Afterglow Blushes or the Vice 3 packaging but it’s still pretty evident.

The Shadows

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette - Shadow Closeup

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette – Shadow Closeup

These shadows are named after elements of Gwen’s music or her musical influences but they were selected as shades that she herself would wear every day. As a result they’re mostly neutrals with a few pops of color. I have to admit that this disappointed me just a little bit. Gwen’s iconic look is a neutral eye, usually with cat eye liner, and then bright lipstick so it does make sense as a palette she would use daily however I was really hoping for more of the iconic Urban Decay bright color. I would’ve really loved a palette where each shade was a take on a song or album; not just named after them but the whole shade being inspired by the look of the album or single cover or something from the video maybe or her outfits from the tours for those albums. Obviously I bought the palette anyway but it took me a long time to decide to buy it because I need more neutrals like a hole in the head. 12 of the shadows are new while 3 are repromotes of previous UD shades.


UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette - Top Row Swatches. Left to Right: Blonde, Bathwater, Skimp, Steady, Punk.

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette – Top Row Swatches. Left to Right: Blonde, Bathwater, Skimp, Steady, Punk.

Blonde – UD describes this as “pale beige w/pink iridescent shift.” This shade barely shows up on me at all. It might be a great highlight shade for someone with a darker skin tone but it completely disappears on me. It’s also rather thin on pigmentation. It applies smoothly albeit thinly.

Bathwater – UD describes this as “pale beige w/gold pearl.” This pale beige does appear on my skin a bit better than Blonde does and has better pigmentation. It is smooth and soft and can be built up well.

Skimp – UD describes this as “pale nude satin.” This is a repromote of a past UD shadow. It is soft and smooth and the pigmentation is excellent. It’s more pink than nude on me but my undertones are rather pink so it may pull more nude on someone with other undertones.

Steady – UD describes this as “medium rose w/metallic gold shift.” This might be my favorite rose gold shadow from UD. Forget my Naked 3, can I just bathe in Steady? The pigmentation is good and it’s pretty smooth and has a great sheen to it.

Punk – UD describes this as “reddish brown matte.” This is the shadow that most disappointed me in the palette. In the first promo photos I saw of the palette on social media it looked much more red and I was super excited for a real red brown shadow. Unfortunately it’s not near as red as I’d hoped and is chalky, thin, patchy, and difficult to work with.

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette - Middle Row Swatches. Left to Right: Baby, Anaheim, Stark, Zone, Serious.

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette – Middle Row Swatches. Left to Right: Baby, Anaheim, Stark, Zone, Serious.

Baby – UD describes this as “cool metallic rose.” Compared to Steady this really isn’t that rose. I’d call it a cool metallic soft pink instead. The pigmentation is soft and the shadow is buttery but I find it kind of a forgetable shade.

Anaheim – UD describes this as “light taupe-brown matte.” This is a pretty, but generic pale matte taupe. It swatches and wears more brown while it appears more of a gray taupe in the pan. It’s soft and powdery and thin on pigmentation but can be built up just fine.

Stark – UD describes this as “nude-pink matte.” This is a repromote of a past UD shadow. It’s your standard pale pinky nude shade. Like Anaheim it’s soft, powdery, and lacking in pigmentation but can also be built up fine.

Zone – UD describes this as “medium brown matte.” It’s darker and slightly warmer than Anaheim. It’s soft and a bit powdery but the pigmentation is much better than Anaheim and Stark and it applies nicely.

Serious – UD describes this as “smoky gray w/iridescent floating pearl.” Serious is one of the more unique shades in the palette despite being a gray. The iridescence isn’t super noticeable from a distance but up close it’s got a slightly pinkish red tone to it almost like Blackheart from the Naked 3 but not quite as apparent. It’s a little patchy but can work if you blend carefully.

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette - Bottom Row Swatches. Left to Right: Pop, Harajuku, Danger, 1987, Blackout.

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette – Bottom Row Swatches. Left to Right: Pop, Harajuku, Danger, 1987, Blackout.

Pop – UD describes this as “pale coral w/iridescent sparkle.” I don’t really get any coral from Pop. Skin undertone could be the issue here but for me it’s a pale shimmery off white. It’s very similar to Skimp on me only more sparkly. Pigmentation is thin for a UD sparkly shade but it can be built nicely.

Harajuku – UD describes this as “metallic blue-pink w/iridescent micro-shimmer.” This is a gorgeous cool toned metallic pink. It’s one of the smoothest and most pigmented shades in the palette.

Danger – UD describes this as “deep metallic royal blue w/blue micro-sparkle.” Danger is probably the best quality of the dark blues I have in any UD palette. The pigmentation is amazing and it’s smooth and applies well.

1987 – UD describes this as “bright metallic yellow-gold.” This is a pretty metallic gold and like Harajuku and Danger is one of the most pigmented and smooth shades in the palette.

Blackout – UD describes this as “blackest black matte.” This is a repromote of a past UD shadow from both Naked 2 and the Smoked palette. Just like my reviews of those palettes, I found this version of Blackout to be powdery, thin, and patchy.

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette - Full Swatches

UDxGwen Eyeshadow Palette – Full Swatches

Wrap Up

All in all the palette is decent. There are some duds in the palette but also some great quality beautiful shades. It’s super neutral so if you don’t need neutrals and don’t need to collect it for the Gwen connection I think it’s probably skipable. I think skin tone also really matters with this palette. Many of the shades are really light and I’m not sure how well they’d work for anyone with darker skin as even on me many of them are light and too similar.

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