Urban Decay & Gwen Stefani UDxGwen Blush Palette Swatches & Review


UDxGwen Blush Palette

UDxGwen Blush Palette

I’m here with a long overdue review and swatches of the Urban Decay & Gwen Stefani UDxGwen Blush Palette. I’ve had this baby since she first got to Ulta and I’ve been meaning to write this up for ages and finally… today… we have it done!

This baby retails for $45 and contains 16.8g/0.54oz of product. For comparison the Afterglow Blushes are $26 for 6.8g/0.23 oz of product so you’re getting a little more than twice the amount of product for less than twice the price which is a pretty good deal.

What UD says about the product:

Gwen let us in on her best tricks (she’s big on defining and highlighting), and together we created her perfect blush palette. Get her glowing, contoured skin with six shades of blush, bronzer and highlighter that are versatile enough for any skin tone. Our extremely blendable, finely milled Afterglow formula goes on sheer and provides eight long hours of wearable, streak-free color. Luxurious and lightweight, it has a soft, creamy texture that always applies beautifully and feels amazing.

We developed everything in the limited-edition UD | Gwen Stefani collection in close collaboration with Gwen. Wende and our product development team spent countless hours at Gwen’s house, talking makeup and working with her on every detail of the collection.

Gwen even directed the packaging design, which was inspired by her love of black-and-white graphic prints and antique gold accents. We created everything with Gwen, filling a void by developing all of the perfect shades she always wished she had in her collection. And with these products in your arsenal, you’ll have all the essentials to recreate her signature looks for yourself.

The Packaging

The packaging is to die for! It’s very similar to the UDxGwen Eyeshadow palette but the main case is white while the gold is inset in the lid where it can’t pick up fingerprints as badly. The two palettes are the same physical size and both have the geometric dot pattern with the brushed metal UD|Gwen Stefani label inset in the lid.

UDxGwen Blush Palette - Front Case

UDxGwen Blush Palette – Front Case

UDxGwen Blush Palette - Back Case

UDxGwen Blush Palette – Back Case

The Blushes

Like the Eyeshadow palette, this was designed to be a palette of shades Gwen would wear every day. As a result they might not work for every skin tone. There are 3 pinkish blushes, a tan shade that could be used as a contour depending on your skin tone, a highlighter or two depending again on skin tone. While the shades are all pretty I really wish they were a little more universal.


UDxGwen Blush Palette Swatches. Top to Bottom: Cherry, Easy, Angel, Lo-Fi, Hush, OC.

UDxGwen Blush Palette Swatches. Top to Bottom: Cherry, Easy, Angel, Lo-Fi, Hush, OC.

Cherry – UD describes this as “light pink satin.” This is a pretty pale cool pink. It’s pretty powdery and may be too light for darker skinned folks but should work well on paler skin tones.

Easy – UD describes this as “deep rose w/gold shimmer.” This is a beautiful rose tone that pulls almost a little berry on me. It is very pigmented and I think would probably look great on most skin tones. It’s not as powdery as Cherry and applies nicely.

Angel – UD describes this as “champagne-nude shimmer.” This would be a highlighter on most folks and a blush only on the palest of the pale. It’s smooth, pigmented, and blends well.

Lo-Fi – UD describes this as “soft bronze matte.” This is a bronzer on me although it’s a bit warmer than I usually reach for. I suppose it could work as a blush if you’re looking for a more natural blush and something not quite so flushed looking as a pink or berry but it’s really more of a bronzer.

Hush – UD describes this as “medium pink w/gold shimmer.” This pulls more peachy on me. On darker skinned folks it might even work as a highlight while for me it’s a paler shimmery blush shade.

OC – UD describes this as “soft pink w/peach shift.” This could again potentially be a highlighter depending on your skin tone and because of the peach shift that’s the way I tend to wear it either for a subtle highlight blending into my blush or blended in the middle between a blush and a brighter highlight. I don’t get much soft pink out of it; it’s mostly just peachy on me.

Wrap Up

Whether this palette will work for you will be largely dependent on your skin tone. The shades are all workable in some way or another for me, but I’m a lightish tone. It works for me as a one and done travel palette as it’s got a bronzer (on me at least) and a few blushes and highlighters. I don’t find myself grabbing for it every day at home but I have taken it on a few trips and been happy with it. The shades are all a wee bit on the powdery side at least compared to the afterglow blushes I have but they’re all blendable for me. I would be thrilled if UD used this as a guide to create more full face palettes with blushes, bronzers, and highlighters that work for different skin tones and looks! The concept is awesome and the quality is good, I just don’t feel like it’s very universal for lots of people.

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