Updates! I’m Back-ish.

Ever have a season where life just exploded on you? That was this past few months for me. It was one of those times when there was too much to do, not enough time, and when I did have a magical moment of free time I didn’t have the energy to jump into a major project. Every now and then you need to just put something on hold so you can take time for yourself so I haven’t been here for awhile. I got to the point where the race to get the latest review post out just got exhausting. I don’t know how all the other bloggers with full time day jobs keep up with it all!

That being said I’m hoping to come back with a more manageable and probably less frequent posting schedule. I’d like to still share my latest makeup loves and looks and even expand more into the geeky side of my interests but I still need to keep time for things like, I don’t know…. dating, friends, working out, and sleep! Coffee is a great thing but it only gets me so far, ya know?

So what have I been doing lately that’s taken my time away from blogging? Well…

💵 I picked up a freelance job on the side. You know those bills the voice of reason is always talking about? I gotta pay those and still have money left over for makeup…

😍 Dating eats time like crazy. I’m not even dating a lot and it eats time! Since I don’t seem to be able to just skip past this meat market dating phase to a real meaningful relationship I gotta spend some time on the market.

😅 The downside to being independent and not wanting to put up with a roommate’s bs? There’s nobody to help with the household stuff. I keep trying to teach my cat to do my laundry or brush her own fur off the couch and I keep utterly failing so if I don’t do it it doesn’t get done.

☺️ And friends… ahh my dear friends… I’d gotten a little passive in my friendships there for awhile but friendships don’t stay alive without a little time and effort.

So the blog will come back, but in smaller and more manageable bits that won’t prevent me from living the rest of my life. I won’t be buying things just for the sake of reviewing but I will be reviewing the things I buy if that makes any sense. I’d also like to start doing some wear tests seeing how products I own wear over the day and how they stack up to their longevity claims. Let’s test “budge-proof” lipsticks on burritos… what do you say?

If you want more and more frequent updates you can always catch my latest looks and loves on Instagram.

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