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Beglittered Geek » CocoaPink Perfume Review – Black, Paper Butterfly, Heavenly Basbousa, Lipstick Stains, The Un-Red, Chergui, English Cathedral

CocoaPink Perfume Review – Black, Paper Butterfly, Heavenly Basbousa, Lipstick Stains, The Un-Red, Chergui, English Cathedral

CocoaPink samples in Black, Paper Butterfly, Heavenly Basbousa, Lipstick Stains, The Un-Red, Chergui, and English Cathedral. Not pictured: body butter in Midnight Hag.

CocoaPink dram vials in Black, Paper Butterfly, Heavenly Basbousa, Lipstick Stains, The Un-Red, Chergui, and a sample of English Cathedral. Not pictured: body butter in Midnight Hag.

On the recommendation of some of the ladies over at All The Sparkles I picked up some of CocoaPink’s hair products and of course I had to try out a few of their perfumes as well! They sell their dram perfume vials for $3.50 individually or $18 for 6 which is a pretty great deal compared to some of the other indie samples I’ve looked at recently! I opted for the oil based versions for the set of 6. I got a sample of English Cathedral as my free sample with purchase and they were nice enough to also include a sample of their Voluptuous Body Butter in the fragrance Midnight Hag.

Check out CocoaPink’s site here. Their master scent list can be a little overwhelming so if there’s a particular favorite note of yours that you’re looking for I’d recommend doing a page search (CTRL-F on your PC, CMD-F on your Mac) and search for that individual note.

Black – “Two types of rich amber resins and a little something more – this is that delish sexy note in our “black” blends.” This is a little bit of amber but really smells a bit like… rootbeer almost to me. There’s a weird almost gourmand note here. I adore amber – it’s my favorite fragrance note so I was really excited about this. Unfortunately it fades pretty quickly on me, being barely noticable after about 3 hours. I’m going to keep using it as a bed time fragrance and see how it goes for me before I go and order the full size. I haven’t decided yet about that extra note in it.

Paper Butterfly – “Osmanthus, paper, golden fields of wheat, powdered sugar, cream, dry white amber grounded with the beautiful memory of soft pale musk.” This one’s description really intrigued me. After it first settles it’s very hippie renaissance faire for the first half hour or so (enough that I wasn’t really into it and figured it’d be a destash) and then calms down to be more creamy and musky. This is when the magic happens. I love it on dry down so much I bought 2 bottles of the highest strength they carry since it’s a limited stock fragrance. I just have to remember to put it on about 30 minutes before I intend to leave the house. It lasts about 6-7 hours on me with maybe another 1 hour where it can be made out a little if my wrist is up against my nose.

Heavenly Basbousa – “Almond cake, creamy condensed milk, whipped cream, vanilla extract, strawberry syrup, whispers of sugared lemon and rosewater made with velvety crimson rose petals.” When wet this is all almond baking extract and strawberry syrup. After about 10 minutes I start to get the cake and cream with the tiniest hint of lemon. After an hour it mellows out into a sweet and creamy concoction with a hint of almond and cake. After 4 hours it was barely detectable and it was completely gone after 5. While I do like slightly gourmand perfumes it’s a little too cakey when fresh for me to wear often so I probably won’t be snagging a full size. This would be awesome in an oil warmer as room scent though!

Lipstick Stains – “Pale Bourbon Vanilla shocked with sexy red musk, bright red Bulgarian rose petals with lashings of sensual incense.” This is a sweet, boozy, musky incense type scent on my skin. I don’t pick up the rose at all. It’s a little bit like the bits of perfume and booze left along with your lipstick stains on a guy’s collar at the end of the night. Subtle, sweet, and sexy. There isn’t a huge throw for me. After about 2 hours it’s died down to wear close to the skin but still be reasonably noticeable and after about 5 hours it’s barely there even if I shove my wrist in my face so it’s fine for a date but not long lasting enough to get through the work day or a full day out and about. This is up there with Paper Butterfly as one of my favorites of the batch! Apparently I didn’t include it in the full size order I placed and this is making me sad, but the full size will definitely be coming home with me soon.

The Un-Red – “Bloody orange juice, sweet vanilla, bourbon vanilla, sandalwoods and ambers. Hide this one well or you will find it missing by morning.” Holy oranges, Batman! This one is all orange when wet and not necessarily a good fresh ripe orange. It’s a little bit like artificial orange. Admittedly I’m not big on citrus perfumes but I expected it to be just one of many notes in a more complex perfume. All I get for the first 45 minutes or so is orange after which it mellows to an orange creamsicle type fragrance that lacks the boozy, spicy, and musky notes that I was expecting from the bourbon, sandalwood, and amber. Luckily this wore off in about 4 hours on me. It’s definitely not a candidate for full size purchase though it might be good in an oil warmer as a room fragrance to use up the dram.

Chergui – “Honey, musk, incense, tobacco leaf, hay sugar, amber, iris rose and sandalwood.” This is spicy, fresh, and a little soapy when wet. This is one of the fragrances I was most interested in but it’s a little… weird. I can see myself using it occasionally but probably not enough to buy the full size.

English Cathedral – “Heighten your senses with this resiny incense blend that will take you to an English countryside cathedral with English ivy and jasmine lawns.” First applied it’s a little like a soapy jasmine with a hint of green. There’s a slight mustiness that develops after 5-10 minutes which I’m assuming is the ivy as that’s not a note I have a very good scent memory of. At that point the jasmine has died down to be less discernible and more of a background floral note.

Midnight Hag – “Tart Blackberries, Vanilla Bean Noel, and a splash of Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.” This was a surprise free sample included with my order and I absolutely love it! I get a hint of crusty baked goods in with the blackberry and vanilla. There’s also something a little dusty… like tracking through a blackberry patch at night and kicking up a little dust. I liked it enough to buy their smaller bottle of perfume in this scent and will give a more thorough review of the fragrance once it arrives.

None of these fragrances had the longevity that I’m used to with mainstream perfumes. I’m wondering if that’s because I got the oil based versions. I’ll review the full sizes when they arrive and we’ll see if they last longer on me. I do have some other oil based perfumes and they do last so perhaps the carrier oil CP uses isn’t very lasting on my skin chemistry. I really do think these are great and complex scent blends. Even the ones I didn’t like as much are really well done, just not to my personal taste. I’ve used the hair products I got a few times and will hopefully be able to post a full review of them in the next week or two when I’ve had a chance to more thoroughly test drive them.

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