Boxycharm “Summertime Radness” – July 2015


Boxycharm July 2015 "Summertime Radness" Box

Boxycharm July 2015 “Summertime Radness” Box

Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box that sends out 5-6 beauty items a month, most of which are full sized, for $21. This box is not customizable so every subscriber will receive the same set of products each month. You can check out my past Boxycharm reviews here or subscribe to Boxycharm here.

This month’s box was “Summertime Radness.” It’s kind of a generic theme…

This July we’re bringing the heat to you! So, keep it cool, grab your bathing suit and let’s lounge by the pool because we got that summertime radness!

Info Card

Info Card

MDMflow Greater Than Mascara – I’m happy to try out a new mascara, but $35 retail is ridiculous! It had better be magical to get me to purchase it! This is full sized and retails for $35. Boxycharm did send out an email that I can’t seem to find responding to some complaints about this product. Apparently you have to prime the tube. Check out their instructions for that here.

The most intense, highly pigmented XXL black, volumizing mascara with an easy off formulation. This mascara is being introduced in the U.S. through BOXYCHARM and will be available for purchase for $35.00 USD at the end of July.

How-To: Place wand at the base of your lashes and using a back and forth motion move the wand up your lashes and sweet upward for a curled effect.

Vasanti Professional Blush Brush – As always I love getting brushes in subscription boxes! This is much smaller than my other blush brushes and is nice and soft! I’ve gotten some Vasanti skincare products in boxes before but had no idea they did brushes also. This is retails for $29.

Made with high-quality nylong fibres, Vasanti’s Blush Brush softly and smoothly blends any blush powder onto the skin.

How-To: Use to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend outward for a natural look.

yourMinerals Transparent Veil Setting Powder – I wish I could say I’d get some use out of this, but the first ingredient is sericite which is mica which is known to cause flashback in photos which I have serious issues with. This is apparently the medium size which retails for $26.

A soft transparent setting powder with an ultralight silk texture that settles into a smooth, matte surface while minimizing fine lines and pores.

How-To: Apply over your foundation to reduce shine and to set your makeup for an all day performance.

gorge I’ll make you look amazing daily spray – Always down to try new leave in conditioning treatments. The bottle claims that it, “repairs damaged hair, instantly adds shine, detangles like no other, protects from heat, seals & protects hair color, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, creates amazing silkiness, enhances natural body, helps with flat irons.” Sounds like a miracle in a bottle! I haven’t tried it yet but I did open it to take a sniff. I expected it to be liquidy but it’s more of a gel-like consistency and the bottle is only half full which is disappointing. It smells slightly citrusy and aquatic. This is full size and retails for $29.95.

A magical leave in conditioning spray that instantly restores your hair to bring out it’s natural luster. Leaves hair smooth, frizz-free, shiny, stronger, and healthier with every use.

How-To: Spritz liberally onto damp hair and work it in thoroughly with your fingertips. Style as usual.

OFRA Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil – There’s no such thing as universal when it comes to brows. This is a brown shade that I’ll get absolutely no use out of so I might swap it or gift it to my sister. This is rull size and retails for $13.

Water resistant eyebrow pencil suited for all skin tones and perfect for creating the perfect eyebrow shape. Made with a synthetic beeswax base for a smooth, soft and long lasting application.

How-To: Apply directly to the eyebrow area then smudge gently with a small brush applicator.

The theme for this month’s box wasn’t much of a theme but the box itself was pretty cool! I’ll get use out of most of the products and it’s got a monetary value of $132.95 which is the highest value box I’ve received to date!

I decided to skip August’s Boxycharm which was probably a good thing as reviews point to a bunch of products I wouldn’t have gotten a ton of use out of. I’m interested to see what September brings!

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