Innocent+Twisted Alchemy Subscription – May 2015 Swatches and Review


I am starting to make some progress on my backlog this week! Here’s my May Innocent+Twisted Alchemy subscription in all its glory!

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - "Alien"

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 – “Alien”

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy offers two different subscriptions, a full size and a sample size. I have the full sized sub which is $18 in the US and $22 for international subscribers and includes 3 full sized samples that are exclusive ONLY to the subscriptions and a 35% off coupon code valid for that month.

This month’s subscription was Alien themed. When the theme was announced I was lukewarm about it. It seemed weird and I wasn’t really sure how it would carry through the sub but I have to say Linda did an amazing job on this one! I really love it all and I’m not a huge neutral person!

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - Info Card

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 – Info Card

Excerpts from the info card:

The theme this month is ALIEN (from the first movie). I’ve been wanting to do this theme for awhile and decided to do it for my birthday (and i+ta’s anniversary) month! When my brother found out I was doing an ALIEN theme, he volunteered to draw for me which was awesome since he’s been drawing ALIENs since we were kids…

I know these colors are quite neutral; but I promise next month will be more colorful! The only way I could think of to do the colors for this theme was with neutral-ish colors. I was super happy to have Femme Fatale and Aromaleigh do custom colors for this month’s subscription also, based on ALIEN. So, I really hope you like those…

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - Swatches. Left to right: Ripley, Face Hugger, Drone, Xenomorph (Femme Fatale), The Sending (Siren Song), Extraterrestrial (Limnit), Quarantine (Aromaleigh).

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 – Swatches. Left to right: Ripley, Face Hugger, Drone, Xenomorph (Femme Fatale), The Sending (Siren Song), Extraterrestrial (Limnit), Quarantine (Aromaleigh).

Ripley – This is a medium brown with green and gold shimmer. It was smooth and pigmented and I don’t normally say this about neutrals but I’d bathe in it. Love!

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - Ripley Swatch


Face Hugger – This is a shimmery lemoney gold. Not my normal jam but I’m really digging it!

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - Face Hugger Swatch

Face Hugger

Drone – I’m having a hard time deciding if this is a green toned gray or a grayish green and then in some indoor shady conditions it looks almost blueish… but whatever it is I’m seriously intrigued!

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - Drone Swatch


Xenomorph – This is from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. It’s a burgundy shimmer with a smokey grayish base. I want to do a smokey eye with this immediately.

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - Xenomorph Swatch


The Sending – Another guest product, this comes from Siren Song Cosmetics. It’s a pretty pink with lavender/cornflowery sheen. I must say for what feels like the 10th time though that I loathe clamshell samples. They’re so darn hard to work with and result in a ton of product loss.

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - The Sending Swatch

The Sending

Extraterrestrial – This is from Limnit Lipsticks. I’ve heard amazing things about them so I’m excited to give this a try. It’s a very warm almost pinky brown lipstick. It’s nice and creamy! I’m going to sound totally crazy but I’m actually kind of curious how it would look on my brows… Redhead brow problems.

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - Extraterrestrial Swatch


Quarantine – I almost missed this one in my swatch pile! It’s from Aromaleigh and is a dusty cool brown base with a golden sheen to it.

Innocent+Twisted Alchemy May 2015 - Quarantine Swatch


I’m really happy with May’s sub. I think the theme was executed really well. I’ll get use out of all of these! Now to go try Extraterrestrial on my brows….

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