Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet “Gods Be Good” – March 2015 Swatches & Review


Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet March 2015 "Gods Be Good"

Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet March 2015 “Gods Be Good”

Notoriously Morbid one of my favorite indie brands. Their monthly Vanishing Cabinet subscription is $12.90 per month and usually includes 4-5 eyeshadow minis, another product like a lip gloss or blush, and a sample of one of the shades from the next month’s VC. They also give a discount code for your next purchase in their shop. You can check out my past Vanishing Cabinet reviews here.

March’s subscription was inspired by George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. I can totally get behind this theme! Subscribers have been begging for this one for ages and Carrie and Laura finally obliged. There are 5 eyeshadows, a highlighter, and since there will not be a VC in April they included a sample from another brand that fits in with this month’s theme. They also included a reformulated version of the “Dear Diary” Crush Kisser Lip Balm from February’s VC which had some issues with the flavor. I love it that when there are issues with VC products they include reformulated ones in the next VC, that being said the fact that the last two VCs have had this happen is a little disappointing.

Notoriously Morbid - March 2015 VC Swatches. Left to Right: With Sword & Shield, Stern & Strong, Fates Unfold, Fire Bright, Lover's Sigh, Gift of Life, Kingslayer (Geek Chic Cosmetics).

Notoriously Morbid – March 2015 VC Swatches. Left to Right: With Sword & Shield, Stern & Strong, Fates Unfold, Fire Bright, Lover’s Sigh, Gift of Life, Kingslayer (Geek Chic Cosmetics).

These shadows just didn’t photograph as well as the last few VCs I’ve gotten. The shadows are nice and sparkly up close and personal but swatch photos are dominated by the muted bases under the sparkles.

NM VC 0315 - With Sword & Shield Swatch

With Sword & Shield

With Sword & Shield – “Pray to the Warrior for strength. Much like the ripples in Valeryian steel, this shadow can’t simply be one color. It goes back and forth from silver to gold to pewter.” This shade is a little thin on pigmentation. It’s super sparkly but in lighting that doesn’t play with the sparkles it’ll need to be packed on a bit for the pewter base to stand out. There’s green and copper shimmer to it up close which looks more like a rose gold and tarnished silver when the light hits it from a distance. From outside a person’s personal space bubble it would look like tarnished silver with a touch of green on the lid though. It’s quite pretty but my camera only picked up on the silver unfortunately.

NM VC 0315 - Stern & Strong Swatch

Stern & Strong

Stern & Strong – “Pray to the Father for justice. A slate gray with green and purple shimmer.” This has a darker and more pigmented silvery gray base than With Sword & Shield does and the sparkle is mostly a fuchsia purple with some green. It photographs a darker silver shade with a tinge of purple.

NM VC 0315 - Fates Unfold Swatch

Fates Unfold

Fates Unfold – “Pray to the Crone for guidance. A plum wine shadow is hidden beneath this strong green shift.” The plum base is strong in the jar but unfortunately doesn’t translate much on the skin. There’s a hint more plum if you pack it on heavy over a white sticky base but mostly what you see if there’s any light hitting it is intense green shimmer. This is a great shadow for evening low light type scenarios where the plum will come out more and the green will pop here and there as you blink and move. I really wish the plum was stronger though. Odds are I’ll wear this over a more pigmented plum or burgundy shadow.

NM VC 0315 - Fire Bright Swatch

Fire Bright

Fire Bright – “Pray to the Smith for strength in these trying times. A metallic amber red with gold, purple and blue shimmers and a silver overlay.” The red base is a little thin so this shadow is best layered on well and performs best over a white sticky base. The silver shimmer is very strong here though. This may be my favorite of this month’s shades.

NM VC 0315 - Lover's Sigh Swatch

Lover’s Sigh

Lover’s Sigh – “Pray to the Maiden for love and virtue. A shimmery, vivid iris purple with contrasting purple and red shimmers.” This was the sample in February’s VC. It’s got a dusty lavender base with a really vibrant fuchsia shimmer. If you look at it just in the jar it’s definitely the odd one out in this set as the rest all have more obviously muted bases with bright shimmer but this one looks brighter. When applied though the dusty lavender base is far more apparent in indirect light than in the jar.

NM VC 0315 - Gift of Life Swatch

Gift of Life

Gift of Life – “Pray to the Mother for mercy and empathy. This is the first highlighting powder we’ve included in the VC! A pearly white with golden shimmers, it’s the perfect highlight shade for summer.” This is a beautiful champagney gold highlighter. It’s a pretty intense shimmer so a little goes a long way!

NM VC 0315 - Kingslayer (Geek Chic Cosmetics) Swatch

Kingslayer (Geek Chic Cosmetics sample)

Kingslayer (Geek Chic Cosmetics) – “A pearly white cloak of the Kingsguard which shines copper and golden in the light. The Kingslayer is iridescent, as multi-faceted and complex as the man himself. Kingslayer makes for a lovely highlight color and can even be used on the cheeks to add a coppery glow.” This is from Geek Chic’s “Win or Die” collection. Let me first mention how much I loathe clamshell samples; they’re impossible to open and use without getting all over! Now then… this shade is fairly similar to Gift of Life. It’s a little more pigmented and a bit more peachy. It’s so similar I’m not sure why they included this one… there are other shades in the “Win or Die” collection that would complement this set well.

Overall this is a nice VC. The theme was well executed and very fun. I wish that the shadow bases had been a little bit more pigmented but the shimmer and shift were outstanding. As previously mentioned there was no VC for April but they resumed with May’s OUAT themed subscription which I’ll hopefully get posted in the next few days.

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