Urban Decay Summer 2015 Launches

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Launches

Urban Decay Summer 2015 Launches

Urban Decay has announced their Summer 2015 line! I was able to resist most of the Spring cosmetic lines this year but Urban Decay just won my Summer paychecks. Here’s the list of what they’re dropping:

Revolution High-Color Lipgloss – coming in 14 shades, these will become permanent and will retail for $22.

  • 69 – Bright red
  • Apocalypse – Deep purple-wine
  • Assassin – Bright pink with glitter
  • Big Bang – Bright pink with glitter
  • Bittersweet – Bright purple
  • Brickhouse – Dark brick-red
  • Failbait – Light neutral pink
  • Kinky – Nude
  • Liar – Medium pink-nude
  • Punch – Drunk Bright orange
  • Quiver – Medium rose-pink
  • Savage – Electric pink
  • Scandal – Bright pink
  • Vice – Dark purple with glitter

Personally I’m most excited about Apocalypse, Bittersweet, and Quiver! Based on Temptalia’s swatches I’ll need to use a liner under Bittersweet but I’m totally ok with that.

Eyeshadow – 8 new eyeshadow shades are being added to the permanent collection and will retail for $18.00.

  • Backfire – Burgundy with purple shift
  • Beware – Warm brown matte (this is an older shade that is being added to the permanent collection)
  • Dive Bar – Medium blue with pink-purple shift
  • Fireball – Peach with pink shift
  • Lounge – Brick red with green shift (this is an older shade that is being added to the permanent collection)
  • Riff – Brown-nude matte with floating micro-sparkle
  • Sideline – Gold with green shift
  • Tonic – Lilac with blue shift

Lounge is super dupable, but Fireball, Tonic, and Riff need to come home with me.

Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush – 12 shades of blush are being added to the permanent collection for $26.00.

  • Bang – Bright Red-orange
  • Bittersweet – Bright purple
  • Crush – Medium pink
  • Fetish – Medium pink-nude
  • Indecent – Light peachy nude
  • Kinky – Light peach with light shimmer
  • Obsessed – Light pink
  • Quickie – Bright pink (blue-based)
  • Quiver – Medium red
  • Rapture – Deep mauve with a hint of shimmer
  • Score – Medium pink-peach with a touch of shimmer
  • Video – Soft nude

I’m so excited for standalone blushes to be added back to the UD line! Bittersweet, Rapture, and Quiver need to get in my collection NOW.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion – UDEPP is getting a facelift with some repackaging and a new shade and will run $20-24.

  • Anti-Aging- repackage, nude color correcting + optical blurring
  • Original – repackage, nude dries down invisibly
  • Eden – repackage, nude matte, full coverage, hides all redness
  • Minor Sin – new, champagne shimmer
  • Enigma – neutral matte, LE, purchase benefits the Ultraviolet Edge

I have enough UDEPP to last me a year probably, but the new packaging looks pretty darn awesome.

Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil – This appears to be the big brother to the Ozone lip pencil and will be permanent, retailing for $20.00. I think the idea for this is to be used on more than just lips. It is described as a thicker pencil, possibly more along the lines of the 24/7 concealer pencils but I’m not sure.

Temptalia, Vampy Varnish, and Phyrra all have swatch posts up so check them out!

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