Ipsy Glam Bag “Floral Fantasy” – March 2015

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Ipsy March 2015 Glam Bag "Floral Fantasy"

Ipsy March 2015 Glam Bag “Floral Fantasy”

This month’s Glam Bag was “Floral Fantasy” themed. The only place I got the theme was in the makeup bag itself; the rest of the products don’t really fit the concept to me at least. Here’s what I got this time:

Coolway Glow Oil Treatment – I’m always willing to try a new hair oil! It’s alcohol and cruelty free which makes me a happy camper. This is a teeny tiny sample though and I have really long hair so I’m not sure I’ll get enough uses out of this to tell how effective it will be long term. The sample actually doesn’t have a volume labelled on it so I’m going on what Ipsy’s site says and calling this 10ml. The 100ml full size sells for $29.95 so the sample is worth about $3. Ipsy has a coupon for Coolway’s website. Use code “ipsy15” for 35% off and a free Knotty Girl Brush through 4/30/15; valid for US customers only.

Perfect your style with a runway-ready Glow! Ordinary finishing oils are designed to add vibrancy back into hair but often contain Sulfates, Parabens, Alcohol and other ingredients that can make hair dull, dry, and faded. °Coolway’s Glow™ contains none of these harmful components. It combines a natural and nutrient-rich formula of Vitamin E and Porphyra Seaweed extract to maintain moisture and balance so your hair remains beautiful and shiny throughout the day.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter – Highlighters are a weird product for me. I’m so pale and my undertones are so touchy that it’s hard to find something light enough and non-pinky/peachy/orange enough to really work well. The tip on this pencil looks peachy enough that I’m not even going to risk swatching it and will just swap it. It’s gotten really good reviews on Ipsy though and some people are even liking it as a blemish concealer. It appears to come in 2 shades, this being the one for light skin. This is 1.4g and is full sized, retailing for $18. Ipsy has a coupon code for 25% off the Chella website. Use code “ipsy2015” through 4/30/15; valid in the US and Canada only.

This fresh and pretty neutral pencil will brighten and visibly lift your eyes when lightly applied on the brow bone, dark circles, blemishes and red spots. In addition, this multi-purpose pencil can be used to brighten and “open” the eye area by applying to the water line and inner corners of the eye. Applying a thin, blended line down the center of the nose creates the illusion of a thinner nose. Perfect for highlighting a beautiful smile by eliminating dark shadows and preventing lipstick spread by applying to the Cupid ’s bow and along the lip line.

LANEIGE BB Cushion – This is a pack with a cushion and 3 different color samples. Mine came damaged; luckily it was the Dark pod that’s damaged and I’m ghostly pale so no real loss. I’m excited to give this a try as I’ve yet to find a BB I was super happy with but I am very pale and for products that only have a 3 or 4 shade range the lightest is still usually to dark so we’ll see how it goes. Each sample pod is 2g each for a total of 6g. For value’s sake I’m going to use the 2g as nobody would ever be able to realistically use all 3 colors. This product is $34 for the .5oz full size so the 2g pod that I CAN use is worth about $4.76.

This revolutionary BB Cushion is the world’s first, fastest and foundation-forward product that offers 5-in-1 skincare in a compact form. Powered by SPF 50+ broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, the synergy of its exclusive Cushion Form technology and unique application hydrates, brightens, color corrects and soothes all skin types, all day long.

NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow in Sentiment – I’m a big fan of NYX products; they’re probably my favorite drug store brand. This color is described as “bronze with pink undertones and gold glitter.” I have tons of brown eyeshadows but the sparkle in this one intrigues me. This appears to be full sized and worth $4.50. Ipsy has a coupon code for 25% off NYX Butter Lipsticks. Head on over to the NYX site and use code “NYXBUTTER” valid through 4/30/15 in the US only.

Release your inner Glamazon using NYX Glam Shadows. Long-lasting shades that provide extreme color and a lustrous finish. With its added dose of sparkle you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more anti-aging mattifying lotion – I haven’t had much luck with the Dr. Brandt primers but I’m always willing to try a new mattifying product on my oil prone skin. I have to say the tube size is seriously misleading. Mine was sealed but only about 1/4 filled so I won’t get much more than 2 or 3 uses out of it to decide if I like it. The tube claim to be 0.25 oz; if that’s true it’s worth about $8.82 as the 1.7 oz full size retails for $60. Ipsy has a coupon code for the Dr. Brandt website. Use code “MAT25PSY” for 25% off site-wide through 5/31/15. Fine print says that the code is case sensitive and discount is not valid on new launches or discounted/promo items.

“An apple a day keeps the lines away.” This oil-free, lightweight lotion is formulated with apple stem cells to help delay the natural signs of aging by maintaining the longevity and activity of stem cells in the skin. Simultaneously, retinol stimulates new cell turnover and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Brandt’s multi-tasking formula provides the best of both worlds, delivering anti-aging and pore minimizing/mattifying benefits.

This bag is worth about $39.08 not including the value of the makeup bag which I can’t really estimate. This is on the lower end for my Ipsy bags but is still almost 4 times the cost of the bag so the value is still good. I have mixed feelings about the products I received so I’m hoping my reviews help to tailor my future Glam Bags. Like I mentioned further up I’m not really feeling the theme in this bag. About the only thing that says floral to me is the bag itself. After looking at the other products that subscribers could have gotten not very many of them say “floral” so I think this month’s theme wasn’t really well thought out unfortunately.

You can check out my past Ipsy reviews here or subscribe to Ipsy here! They do have a waitlist but every now and then they have a skip the waitlist thing where it takes just a few easy steps to skip the queue and start getting your bag.

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