Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set Review and Swatches


I’ve debated whether or not to review this since this set is no longer available for purchase, but in the interest of building up a body of reviews about a brand so readers can make purchasing decisions about future collections I’ll post it anyway. So please be aware that this set is no longer sold as it was part of the Urban Decay 2014 holiday collection and the holidays are over. I’m only posting this so that you can make an informed decision for their next collection.

Now that the disclaimer is over… let’s take a look! This set contains 10 of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and their Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener. 9 of the pencils are travel sized (0.03 oz); these are all brand new shades. The full size (0.04 oz) is Perversion which is their incredibly popular pitch black shade (which I do already own). The set originally retailed for $52. A single full sized eyeliner from UD runs $20 and the Grindhouse sharpener by itself goes for $10 so this was a pretty good deal.

Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set

Colors from left to right: Glitter Rock, Moonspoon, Vacancy, Faint, Gonzo, Smokeout, Mugshot, Stargazer, Voodoo, and Perversion (bottom)

The packaging was pretty, but I found it incredibly difficult to get the products out of the cardboard and foam holder. I mean difficult! They were nice and secure, but it made it hard to get at ’em to play without damaging the packaging because, you know… I had to take photos!

Urban Decay Grindhouse Sharpener

Urban Decay Grindhouse Sharpener

I haven’t had a chance to try the Grindhouse sharpener yet. My old sharpener doesn’t do the best job on the plastic of my UD 24/7 Concealer Pencil so hopefully this baby treats it right.

Urban Decay TEN 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Swatches

Swatches from top to bottom: Glitter Rock, Moonspoon, Vacancy, Faint, Gonzo, Smokeout, Mugshot, Stargazer, Voodoo, and Perversion

I have to admit that I had a very difficult time getting good swatch photos which is probably the main reason it took me so long to post this. This is the 3rd attempt and I’m still not happy with it. Maybe I’ll try again later and swap the photos out, but for now… many apologies!

Glitter Rock – This is supposed to be a metallic medium pink with pink glitter. What it looks like on me is a taupey pink base with bright pink glitter and light pink micro-glitter. It glides on incredibly smoothly but it’s very sheer and difficult to build evenly. When I try to smudge it out it practically disappears. I really wanted this to be amazing but it’s a pretty huge let down.

Moonspoon – This is supposed to be a metallic gray with silver glitter. What it looks like on me is a gunmetal but not really metallic gray with bluish silver glitter and brighter silver micro-glitter. Like Glitter Rock this applies very smoothly but is sheer and builds unevenly. It doesn’t smudge out well either. Sad panda.

Vacancy – This is a metallic teal that leans to the blue side. It’s more opaque than Glitter and Moonspoon but still required a second pass for full opacity. It’s incredibly creamy and actually does smudge out well.

Faint – Matte taupe. It’s creamy and builds up well but dissappears if you try to blend it out a bit. I must have a dozen eye shadows that are this color. I’ll probably never use it as an upper lid liner but if I can get it to stay put on my lower lid to smoke it out there I’ll at least get some use out of it… That’s a big if though.

Gonzo – Gonzo is bright blue with a hint of tonal micro-glitter. It’s creamy and builds to full opacity fairly easily. It also smudges out decently.

Smokeout – This is a slightly blackened taupe. Like Faint, I have so many eye shadows like this color it’s insane. It’s creamy but takes about 3 passes for full opacity. It smudges out better than Faint but does still disappear fairly easily.

Mugshot – Last in the series of eye shadows turned eye liners is Mugshot. It’s a light taupe metallic with a bit of pinky taupe shimmer. It’s got the same performance as Faint: creamy but a bit sheer and the second you try to blend the line out a bit it’s gone.

Stargazer – Stargazer is a light metallic gold with darker gold glitter. It’s smooth but the base color is very sheer. It takes about 2 passes for full opacity but I think it’s only full opacity because of the glitter content. It actually smudges out fairly well. It’s the best glitter of the 3 really glittery shades by a mile but I do wish the base color was more pigmented.

Voodoo – This is a a deep purple metallic with pink and blue micro-glitter. Quality-wise it’s a purple version of Glitter Rock and Moonspoon. It’s sheer and buildable but it builds unevenly and doesn’t blend out well. If you layer it on hard core you can get it to look decent and true to color, but you need a pretty bold line to do that.

Perversion – Perversion is a cult favorite among UD junkies. It’s one of the blackest black pencil style liners I’ve ever used. It’s gloriously creamy and smudges out very well.

This set is pretty meh for me. The glitter pencils are incredibly disappointing and unfortunately those were the ones I was most interested in (aside from Perversion which I already loved). I can probably make them work with really bold accent lines, but just thinking about their quality makes me sad. 3 of the shades are neutrals that are dupable by pretty much any neutral eyeshadow palette out there. For the price when you consider that Perversion retails for $20 and Grindhouse for $10, the 9 travel sized pencils work out to about $2.44 each. Since I’d have bought those two both eventually anyway, for $2.44 per travel pencil I’m not completely dissatisfied but in the future I’ll definitely need to see and swatch pencil sets like these in person before buying.

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