Notoriously Morbid Black Friday Haul


Notoriously Morbid Black Friday Haul

My Notoriously Morbid order from Black Friday arrived and I’m so excited! These products are so ridiculously beautiful; I can’t wait to start playing with them! I promise to do full reviews of everything I bought, but for now just wanted to post a quick haul.

I also want to give NM a shoutout. This was a really rough holiday season on indie companies it seems. Our postal system was completely overwhelmed and a lot of them had problems with shipments of ingredients being delayed or issues with shipping companies┬ánot scanning them into the system for tracking until they hit their destination or losing orders entirely. USPS completely screwed up a few of my incoming packages as well as a box of gifts I’d sent to relatives. My NM order was one that USPS managed to completely lose. Carrie (the proprietress) was amazing though. She was kind and understanding and communicated well with her customers about the issues she was experiencing without radiating frustration and without playing blame games. She put together a new package for me and sent it out quickly which is what you see above. It was an unfortunate situation but she handled it with grace and in doing so has gained a customer for life.

Carrie, I tip my hat to you and can’t wait to dip my brushes into these shadows!

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