NEW! Subscription Box Value Matrix

Hey guys! Just a quick note for all you subscription box followers out there. I’ve created a value matrix for the subscriptions that I receive! I’ll be tracking the monetary value of each month’s box and keep running averages box values. Reviews will be linked to for each month as well. Hopefully it’ll help people who are trying to compare subscriptions and decide what to get.

Check out the Subscription Box Value Matrix here.

Keep in mind that this is straight monetary value. As everyone has differing product tastes there will be months where the subscription is a hit despite being a low value or a miss despite a high value purely based on what products work for a given person. As an example, my January 2015 Ipsy was the highest value Ipsy I’ve received but most of the products were a miss for me. Just keep that in mind when assessing any subscription. The matrix should make it easy to compare each month’s boxes though so you can see which box might be best for you.

One of the best sources for subscription box info is My Subscription Addiction (MSA). If you’re interested in checking out a box that I don’t get or seeing a different box from one of the customizable boxes like Ipsy or Birchbox I highly recommend checking MSA out! Warning though… it truly is addicting!

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