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When I first heard about nail stamping I went out and got a small kit at the drugstore that had a few plates with little one off designs. They didn’t stamp very well the few times I tried and I kind of lost interest. Lately I’ve been a little more intrigued by complex nail art. I saw a YT video with a MoYou plate and started following them on IG. A few days later they started a free worldwide shipping promo and I went a little crazy. Take a look at this haul!


I picked up 17 plates and 2 stampers and let me tell you…. they are gorgeous! I’ve only played around with 2 of the plates, but for my first attempt at full-nail stamping patterns they turned out amazingly! I’ll get that mani up soon and I’ll post a review of each plate as I use them.

A note on turn around time: I was expecting it to take me forever to get these. International orders from other companies that I’ve placed in the past generally take weeks to arrive. That was not the case here. I chose the most basic shipping option since that was free but my package still shipped out the next day and was in my hands within a week. I placed my order Tuesday, it shipped out from London Wednesday, and I received it across the world in California the following Monday. I was absolutely stunned!

I won’t comment much on value vs. plate prices as my stamping plate collection extends to what you see here and a few awful cheapo drugstore plates. I will say though that these plates are £4.99 each which as of the time of this post converts to $7.61 USD. At the time of purchase it converted to about $7.77 per plate. For me, personally they were worth it as the reviews on these are great so I knew for my first major outing into full nail stamping I was getting good quality to learn and experiment on. Also, their mural style plates are so beautiful I just needed them. I’m quite happy with my first try using 1 of the plates so I’m definitely satisfied with my purchase. Once my stamping skills level up a few times I’ll probably try other brands and be able to comment more on comparative value.

MoYou offers a 15% off discount code for new customers on their first order (you must create an account first and be signed in to use it). I couldn’t find any other discount codes online (though I didn’t look too hard because the 15% is only valid for the first order) so I wanted to make sure I got the most bang for my buck and ordered quite a lot. I’m also not sure how often they do free international shipping promos so again… more bang for my buck with the splurge now. I did have 1 problem with the discount code. I got my order all the way up to Paypal and then chickened out and waited a few days but apparently canceling the Paypal payment canceled the whole order (it’s even listed in the account under Orders with a status of Canceled) and when I tried to order a few days later I couldn’t use the discount because it had “already been used.” I emailed customer service but got a pretty generic and unhelpful response so I just created a second account since emailing back and forth with them would have taken days to resolve given the time difference. It took awhile for me to find the plates I wanted again and put the order together but at least I saved some money. Unfortunately by then 2 of the plates I wanted were out of stock. Should’ve just placed the order the first time! I do intend to write up a bug report for them and send it to them when I have the chance for the issue with the whole order canceling so the code couldn’t be used. I’m not too bothered by it though since the workaround was easy and their plates are so beautiful.

A few notes on their website‘s user experience:

  • The positive
    • They have very crisp and clear photos of each plate as well as photos of manis created with them. This made it really easy to tell what I was getting on each plate and make a purchasing decision.
    • They have a good tutorial up on the site for how to use the plates.
    • I like the concept of their collections. Each collection has a “MoYou Girl” behind it whose personality is supposed to match the plates. You can read about each girl in their About Us. Each collection is well branded and cohesive.
    • Their blog has some great nail inspo!
  • The negative
    • I wish they had a View All option for their plates. The site is arranged by collection which is great if you know what you’re looking for but if you’re new and just want to see all the pretties so you can Order All The Things like I did it’s kind of painful to go through it collection by collection to compare plates and see what there is to see. I spent at least an hour going back and forth between collections to see which plates I was even interested in and probably another 2 hours going back and forth to compare my list of candidates against each other and make sure that no 2 plates had too many similar designs (as much as I love roses I don’t need 4 plates with 20 similar rose patterns in an order that’s meant to be a starter set and cover as many possibilities as possible).
    • If a plate is out of stock instead of denoting that on the individual plate’s page, they hide it so you can’t see the plate on the site at all. This leads existing customers to wonder if the plate’s been discontinued (I’ve seen comments to that effect on their IG and FB accounts and the response is usually that it’s still carried but out of stock) and even worse prevents new customers from knowing that the plate of their dreams even exists. So just keep in mind if you’ve never been to their site and see a collection lists plate 01, 04, 05, 06, 09, and 10 it’s probably because 02, 03, 07, and 08 are out of stock and that you should check back in a few weeks to see what else is there.

Like I said, I’ll post a review of the plates as I use each one, but if you want to go check MoYou out, their site is here. They seem to release new plates on Fridays so check out their Instagram for announcements. Also, keep in mind that there’s another company, MoYou Nails, that’s based in the US but it’s definitely not the same products so make sure you’re in the right place when looking for these! You want MoYou London not MoYou Nails.

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