Mani Monday – Texture and Glitter

This week I was craving both texture and glittery goodness so I went for a french tip style mani using some sparkly textured polishes.


I used OPI Gumdrops polish in My Cherry Amour and L’Oreal Gold Dust polish in Sexy in Sequins.

Steps to Create:

  1. I used french tip nail strips to block out the lower area and painted that first with My Cherry Amour.
  2. I then removed the strips and painted the darker tips with Sexy in Sequins and let them dry completely.
  3. I added a clear top coat.

Since they’re both very thick polishes it wasn’t difficult to maintain the line freehand when doing the second color, even with my non-dominant hand. Textured polishes normally tell you not to add a top coat, but I did with these. I wanted the texture but didn’t want the matte finish so a very thin top coat allowed me to create a glossy finish without completely losing the texture. I find the topcoat also helps protect the micro-glitter in these from losing its color as I wash my hands over the course of the week.

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