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I picked up the Urban Decay Vice LTD palette at the UD flagship store grand opening. Took me awhile to get around to getting this review up; it’s been a crazy 2 weeks! This beauty is to die for! I do have to apologize for the palette photos. I had a hard time getting a good true to color photo of the palette itself. I think that bright chartreuse all over threw off the camera? Lol. Anyway, check out this baby!

Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette

Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette

This palette just came with the palette and dual ended brush. There weren’t any extras in the box. It has a spring loaded hinge that opens at the push of a button like the Vice 2 did (whereas the Vice 3 you just open yourself).

Vice LTD back cover

Vice LTD back cover

Like the Vice 3 this baby’s got 20 0.03 oz eyeshadows (full size for UD is 0.05 oz.) so the palette has about $216 worth of shadow in it.

Vice LTD Close Up

Vice LTD Close Up

Now on to the swatches!

First Row (Left to Right) - Nameless, Backdoor, Deeper, Disco, Heat

First Row (Left to Right) – Nameless, Backdoor, Deeper, Disco, Heat

Nameless is a satin taupey shade that borders on a bronze. It’s smooth and highly pigmented and blends very nicely.

Backdoor is a matte dark brown. Like most UD mattes it’s a little powdery but this one blends fairly well.

Deeper is a real metallic bronze. It’s deeper than Nameless and is incredibly pigmented. A little goes a long way with this one.

Disco is a very light metallic gold with micro-glitter. The glitter makes it a little fall-out prone but it’s not too bad. I’m so pale I had to build it up to get it to show here, but that’s not because it lacks pigment, it’s just a metallic version of my skin color.

Heat is a really vibrant metallic copper. It’sa little on the gold end of the coppery spectrum to me, but it’s quite a beautiful shade!

Second Row (Left to Right) - Crystal, Goddess, Vaporize, Floss, Perversion

Second Row (Left to Right) – Crystal, Goddess, Vaporize, Floss, Perversion

Crystal is an icy metallic blue shimmer. It didn’t photograph very blue but it really is a gorgeous very pale icy blue. It isn’t glittery, but it almost feels like it is. It’s a subtle color that would probably be easily overpowered by other shades (it’s probably the dark blue next to it in the swatches that make it look more silver than blue) so blend carefully if you want it to keep its color.

Goddess is a deep blue with brighter blue micro-glitter. This reminds me a little of the smokey blue shade Evidence in the Smoked palette though this one is a little bit deeper. It is rather powdery (and the glitter makes it fall out prone) but it still manages to blend fairly well and is quite a gorgeous shade.

Vaporize is an almost metallic grayish taupe. It’s almost a greige.

Floss is a dark metallic emerald with micro-glitter. Like Goddess this one reminds me of Loaded from the Smoked palette. After looking at the swatches from my Smoked review they look almost the same…

Perversion is a soft black matte. Like most UD mattes it’s powdery. Unlike most UD mattes the pigmentation is a little lacking. I could have probably built it up to a solid black in the swatch, but that wouldn’t have demonstrated the pigmentation. This would probably be great in the crease and outer V to deepen things up without being super black. If you’re looking for super black either layer it on thick or find another shade.

Third Row (Left to Right) - Provocateur, Hoodoo, Freakshow, Junkshow, Blitz

Third Row (Left to Right) – Provocateur, Hoodoo, Freakshow, Junkshow, Blitz

Provocateur is a light metallic pink with micro-glitter. It’s like the pink version of Crystal only it isn’t as easily washed out by brighter shades. It’s a little fall out prone but pretty pigmented and quite lovely.

Hoodoo is a metallic violet. It swatches nicely but I wore it the other day and unfortunately it isn’t as pigmented on the lid as I’d like despite putting it on over primer. I think it looses a bit of its punch when it’s blended out.

Freakshow is a deep purple satin shade. Like Hoodo it loses some oomph when blended out and winds up looking a little gray on the edges so it’s better on the lid and wouldn’t make a very good transition or crease color. Still love it though.

Junkshow is a really bright pink with a teensy bit of a purple shift. It’s one of my favorite shades in the palette!  It’s very smooth and highly pigmented.

Blitz is a bright gold shade. It fits nicely between Disco and Heat on the metallic spectrum.

Fourth Row (Left to Right) - Chase, Last Sin, Roadstripe, Anonymous, Laced

Fourth Row (Left to Right) – Chase, Last Sin, Roadstripe, Anonymous, Laced

Chase is a metallic bronze. It’s softer than Deeper; a little closer to gold. It’s nicely pigmented and smooth.

Last Sin is a champagne shimmer. It’s not the most pigmented UD shimmer I’ve seen but it’s a nice transition shade. It’s also in the Vice 3 palette.

Roadstripe is an iridescent white with blue shift. It’s a gorgeous color but also not very pigmented. It needs to be built up a bit.

Anonymous is a creamy peach matte. It’s very powdery; just tapping your brush in it will kick up quite a bit of shadow so be careful as it’s easy to overload your brush. It’s a pretty shade, but very close to my skin tone so it doesn’t swatch well on me.

Laced is a pinky nude matte. It’s also quite powdery but it makes a really lovely transition color!

Last but not least, here’s the LTD palette side by side with the Vice 3.

Vice LTD and Vice 3

Vice LTD and Vice 3

They have about the same footprint (LTD is maybe a millimeter bigger?) but LTD is much thicker, probably owing to the hinge mechanism. They’re both plastic cases but the 3 case seems a little more solid and the LTD plastic seems a bit cheaper. The brushes are exactly the same; they’re even the same color and just have different text printed on them. They both have the same number of shades, amount of shadow, and the full value is the same but the LTD is $2 cheaper (possibly because it doesn’t have a fancy bag with it?). They’re both beautiful palettes but they’ve got different color foci. They both have 2 blues, a green, a strong gold, a bronze, and a few neutrals. LTD has more glitter and the purples and fuchsia are strong while the 3 has the pink – burgundy shades on lock. Both contain Last Sin.

The general quality of the shadows is about the same as the Vice 3, that is to say they’re generally a little drier than UD shadows have been traditionally. They’re slightly lower quality than the Naked palettes but they’re much better than the Shadow Box. I’m really thrilled to have this one in my collection and don’t feel the slightest buyer’s remorse for getting 2 Vice palettes this year. They’re both totally worth it to me! I’m a little tired of Naked and totally on the Vice train!

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2 Responses to “Urban Decay Vice LTD Review”

  • molly

    How can I get less fall out and the colors to blend. I do use a primer.

    • The only shades I’ve had a ton of fall out with are the glitters. For those you should try a glitter primer/glitter glue or a sticky base on top of your primer. I’ve had good luck with the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as a base for glitter shadows, though I haven’t tried it with these. It will mean that you need to do a bit more work blending with a sticky base, but it should help the shadows stay on your eyes throughout the day and not on the rest of your face.

      Some of the non glitters are a little powdery and there’s some fallout when applying but generally I don’t have a problem with fallout throughout the day on the non-glitters. Have you had that issue? Which colors are you having problems with?

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