Sample Society “Winter Survival” – November 2014

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Allure Sample Society November 2014

Allure Sample Society November 2014

This month’s Sample Society box is all about surviving the Winter. It’s got moisture for your hair and face, a nice spicy scent for chilly winter nights, a citrusy body wash to perk you up, and some mascara to top it off.

Malin + Goetz Bergamot Body Wash – This is a citrus body wash that’s supposed to be light and gentle. I’m not a big fan of citrus fragrances so this one is going into the swap pile for me. This body wash is $18 for 8 oz. or $32 for 16 so this 1 oz. sample is worth roughly $2. From the insert:

“Why we like it: Everything about this body wash is pleasing to the senses. There’s the scent, courtesy of actual bergamot oranges instead of synthetic fragrances. There’s the airy lather – just a small amount produces suds. It’s so great at making bubbles that you can toss a few capfuls into the tub for a bath. There’s glycerin in the formula, which means it doesn’t dry out skin the way many body gels do; it moisturizes instead. (It’s safe even on sensitive skin and eczema.)…”

Calvin Klein Reveal – This is supposed to be a sexy, warm scent with notes of pink and white pepper, orris, amber, and sandalwood. I’m not a big fan of fragrance samples in these boxes. While it is nice to discover new perfumes it’s such a personal thing that samples are very hit or miss for me. I haven’t tried this yet but I am generally a fan of warm fragrances with amber and sandalwood notes. ¬†This retails for $50 for 30 ml up to $90 for 100 ml so this vial is worth roughly $3. From the insert:

“Why we like it: It’s warm and sensual, with a surprising peppery bite that makes your nose tingle. It’s the way your skin might smell after the most luxurious massage of your life – hot, relaxed, drizzled with oil. And the massage therapist was a guy; there are hints of musk and woods that are decidedly masculine. Oh, and we forgot to mention you went to the massage with some baby powder on – there’s definitely a little powdery quality in there that keeps this fragrance from smelling porny.”

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Omega+ Nourishing Oil – I like the Alterna products I’ve tried so far. The protein cream in the September Sample Society box is one of my favorite hair products so I’m excited to give this oil a try. It’s supposed to soften, moisturize, and strengthen hair which my hair definitely needs right now. It’s $38 for 1.7 oz. so this 0.2 oz. sample is worth about $4.50. From the insert:

“Why we like it: Though kind of globby out of the dropper, this oil is almost unnoticeable in medium to thick hair. (We don’t recommend it for fine hair; it made one tester’s hair flat.) You feel none of the telltale slickness or sleekness of traditional oils. Instead, it made our hair shiny, incredibly soft, and bouncy (just don’t get it near your scalp; it’s still oil.) Now, as tempting as it may be to apply this stuff every day, don’t – the editors who did ended up with a dull residue by day four. Stick to three times a week, max.”

Lorac Cobra Mascara – This is a lengthening mascara that’s supposedly got a special cobra head shaped brush. They warn that it’s a very wet mascara that doesn’t fully set even after a few hours so it’s not good if you rub your eyes or wear glasses. This is going in the swap pile for me. While I’m curious about the brush the idea of having damp lashes all day is just a no; it’d be smeared all over the inside of my glasses in a second. The full size sells for $20. This sample is worth about $11. From the insert:

“Why we like it: When we pulled the want out of the tube, we thought, WTF with this brush? What do we do with it? Then we remembered that we’re grown women and that it’s only mascara (and there’s this helpful little thing called makeup remover), and we improvised. Which is what we suggest you do. Because we can’t really pinpoint a right way to use the thing… This mascara delivers long, well-defined lashes. If you like to look like you have a zillion lashes and each one is long and thick? Move on. But if you like long, lean, glossy lashes, Cobra is the mascara for you.”

MD Solar Sciences MD Creme Mineral Beauty Balm – This is a mineral BB cream that claims to have a matte finish. It’s SPF 50, broad spectrum which is pretty amazing for a BB cream! It’s supposed to smooth and blur imperfections and is full of antioxidants. It does have plenty of silicone in it which I kind of have a love/hate relationship with; I feel like the silicones dry me out a little bit but they’re the only thing that works to camouflage my ginormous nose pores. I’m excited to try this as I’ve yet to meet a BB I like. This is $39 for the 1.23 oz. full size so this 0.17 oz. sample is worth roughly $5.50. From the insert:

“Why we like it: This BB falls short in coverage, but it makes up for that with its ability to blur imperfections, produce a matte finish on even oily complexions, and protect skin from the sun and environmental damage. It has a high SPF – without the chalky and gritty texture of a typical mineral sunscreen: It’s pure smoothness; the zinc and titanium dioxide have been pulverized to almost total oblivion. The roster of antioxidants both fortify the sunscreen (neutralizing rays that get through it) and counteract free-radical damage.”

This box has a total sample value of about $26 which isn’t terrible for a $15 subscription, but half of that comes from products I won’t use. Sample Society usually has more deluxe samples and a higher box value so this is a little disappointing, but then again I suppose we can’t get $100 boxes for $15 every month, right?

You can see my past Sample Society reviews here and if you sign up for your own box here, you can use my code “SHAD6158” for a discount on your first purchase.

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