NYX Butter Gloss Swatches


I’ve been wanting to try the NYX Butter Glosses for some time but always end up passing them up when I’m at Ulta. This time they had 2 different sets of 3 glosses for $9.99 which is almost like getting one free. I picked up both sets.


Sugar Rush contains the colors Sugar Cookie, Cupcake, and Cherry Pie. Pure Decadence contains Red Velvet, Tiramisu, and Devil’s Food Cake. They weren’t as pigmented as I was hoping. They’re kind of streaky applied over my lips alone but over a lip liner they actually work really well. They also had a slight numbing effect on my lips so if you’re sensitive to lip products with a tingle or numbing sensation you should probably steer clear of these. When I swatched them I had a bit of a headache and the sensation on top of the headache was almost too much however today without the headache it didn’t bother as much.

Here are the Sugar Rush colors swatched on my wrist in different lighting conditions. As always, click on the photo to see it full sized.From left to right they are: Sugar Cookie, Cupcake, Cherry Pie.


Sugar Cookie looks fuchsia in the tube but on me it’s more pink. The left side has a single coat and the right side has 2 coats to see if I could build up the color and it did build a little.


Cupcake looks rather coral in the tube but on me it’s also just pink. There’s a slight difference between it and Sugar Cookie but it’s not huge. This swatch also has 1 coat on the left side and 2 coats on the right. The second coat didn’t make much of a difference with this one.


Cherry Pie is a nice bright red. It’s more streaky than the other two but that could just be because it’s a more intense color.  This swatch also has 1 coat on the left side and 2 coats on the right. Like Sugar cookie the second coat does make a difference but unlike it the second coat still looks kind of patchy.


Here are the Pure Decadence colors swatched. From left to right they are: Red Velvet, Tiramisu, Devil’s Food Cake.


Red Velvet is a deeper red than Cherry Pie. It’s also fairly patchy on my lips, even with the second coat on the right side.

Tiramisu is a nude color that’s pretty much the exact shade of my lips. It did help even out my lip tone but looks more like I’m wearing a clear gloss than an actual color. As you can see the second coat on the right side is practically invisible.


Devil’s Food Cake is dark raisin-burgundy color. Amazingly it’s not as streaky as the other two reds and the second coat on the right does help.


As I mentioned these glosses over lip liner work much better. Here is Devil’s Food Cake over the NYX Prune Lip Liner:



Here is Sugar Cookie over the NYX Edge Pink lip liner:



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