Who said manis were only for Mondays? I took my inspiration for this look from a recent Instagram by @vegas_nay who’d posted a tutorial video from @u_nona. The original tutorial video is here. I didn’t have the chevron nail stickers so I improvised.

Black, Gold, and Sand colorblocked mani

Black, Gold, and Sand colorblocked mani

To create this look I taped off the base triangle area and painted it black. After it had begun to dry just a little I peeled the tape off and cleaned up the edges with a detailing brush dipped in nail polish remover. I then free-handed the cream color on top by making strokes parallel to the black polish. After it had dried a little bit I again took the detail brush and cleaned up any edges that needed it. I then filled in the area between with gold glitter polish just like in the original video.


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