Urban Decay Vice 3 Swatches


I’d been eyeing the UD Vice 3 palette since it debuted but finally picked it up during the Friends and Fanatics sale. Take a look at this beauty!


It’s an 80’s flashback in a mirrored acid-bright palette.


I really love that the zippered makeup bag that comes with it is actually big enough to fit the palette. Usually free makeup bags that come along with things aren’t palette sized, especially for a palette this big.


There are 20 0.03 oz eyeshadows (full size for UD is 0.05 oz.) so the palette has about $216 worth of shadow in it. All of these shades are new in this palette and none are currently available as singles which is unfortunate as there are a few I’m sure I’ll use much faster and would dearly love to be able to buy individually.


First column, top to bottom: Truth, Undone, Downfall, and DTF.

Truth is a light pink matte. It’s practically invisible on my ghostly wrist but it’s a gorgeous matte highlighter color. It’s one of the more powdery shades.

Undone is a pinky-beige matte with a hint of pearl. It’s nice and smooth going on but I really had to build it up to get it to appear well in the swatch here. It’s not quite as pigmented as I’d like.

Downfall is a matte warm brown. It’s more pigmented than Undone and applies very nicely.

DTF is a matte taupe with slight pearl. It’s slightly powdery but a really beautiful shade! The beauty of it unfortunately doesn’t show up well on these swatch photos.



Second column, top to bottom: Dragon, Freeze, Heroine, and Brokedown.

Dragon is a bright metallic green. I love this shade so much but being a green eye girl I probably won’t wear it as much as most of the other shades in the palette. It’s highly pigmented and nice and smooth.

Freeze is a metallic sky blue with micro-glitter. I like this shade a lot more than I was expecting. It’s pretty smooth considering the glitter. I didn’t experience any fall out applying it.

Heroine is a dark navy with subtle pearl. This shade screams 80’s to me! It’s a gorgeous shade and highly pigmented but a little on the powdery side.

Brokedown is a metallic goldish brownwith micro-glitter. It’s highly pigmented and very smooth. Really beautiful shade!



Third column, top to bottom: Vanity, Lucky, Reign, and Bobby Dazzle.

Vanity is a metallic smokey purple with micro-glitter. It’s smooth and beautiful and pretty pigmented though It could be a little bit more pigmented.

Lucky is a metallic gold leaning a bit toward bronze. It’s super pigmented!

Reign is a brown satin. It’s a really beautiful brown shade.

Bobby Dazzle is a metallic white goldish micro-glitter. This shade is far more pigmented than Truth! It’s a real icy shade and very smooth.


Fourth column, top to bottom: Alien, Alchemy, Bondage, and Sonic. This is by far my favorite set of shadows in the whole palette. If I could get all 4 as singles I’d snap ’em up in a heartbeat.

Alien is a peachy pink shimmer with a golden shift. This is one of my favorite colors in the palette but it doesn’t show up too well on camera here. You really have to see it!

Alchemy is a deep fuchsia satin. It’s highly pigmented, very smooth, and blends really well. It’s a gorgeous color, just look at it!

Bondage is a dark burgundy shimmer. It’s a little on the powdery side for an UD shimmer but look at this color! I die!

Sonic is described as a metallic red-copper but it’s kind of a coraly copper to me? It’s probably my second favorite shade in this palette. So pigmented and smooth and beautiful!


Fifth column, top to bottom: Last Sin, Angel, Defy, and Revolver.

Last Sin is a shimmery champagne with micro-glitter. Like most light shades it doesn’t show up very well on my wrist but it’s really quite lovely and very smooth!

Angel is a pale taupe with micro-glitter it’s very smooth. It’s not quite as pigmented as Last Sin but it’s still very beautiful.

Defy is a dark taupe satin that’s almost a gray. It’s not as pigmented and smooth as I’d like.

Revolver is a black satin with slight pearl. I like that this one’s got some pearl to it. I find that UD’s matte blacks are usually powdery and a little on the thin side but this one is pretty nice.

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