Sephora Moonshadow In the Tropics Palette


I picked up this Moonshadow palette on my last trip to Sephora. It was on sale for a steal and I was really interested in the colors.


These shadows are very glittery. They are mostly pretty well pigmented however the glitter is fairly coarse so there’s quite a bit of fallout. The lighter colors blend into my skin and didn’t photograph very well, but swatches are below. I’m happy with it at the price I purchased it for, but the glitter is too coarse and falls out too much and the pigmentation isn’t high enough for me to think it worth the full price.


The top row shades are: Peru, Belize, Barbados, Seyshelles, and St. Vincent.

Peru is olive green with a gold shimmer. It’s highly pigmented and doesn’t goes on very smoothly.

Belize is a shimmery pinky brown shade with a little glitter. It’s also highly pigmented and fairly smooth.

Barbados is a soft pink color with silver glitter. It’s practically the same shade as my skin so the swatch doesn’t show up well but it’s a pretty color. The glitter does fall out a bit.

Seychelles is a warmer pink. Again the glitter causes some fallout but it’s a pretty shade.

St. Vincent is a shimmery white that’s glitter central! This has the least pigmentation and the most glitter fallout.


The bottom row shades are: Grenada, Bermuda, Fiji, Martinique, and St. Lucia.

Grenada is a dark pearlescent purple. This is probably my favorite shade in the palette. It’s pretty pigmented and smooth.

Bermuda is a lighter purple, kind of an orchidy pearl. This is another favorite of mine!

Fiji is a silvery lilac color that looks more silver than lilac. The microglitter here causes some fall out as well.

Martinique is a deep gold with gold glitter. It’s pigmented and gorgeous.

St. Lucia is a shimmery cream color and is another favorite of mine.


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