Sephora Mini-Haul


I saw Sephora had this Lip Tar set on sale and had to snap it up. I’m so glad I did; it was gone hours later! I’d been eyeing this eyeshadow shade, too. It didn’t photograph very well but it’s a great black with purple and blue glitter. LOVE it! To round out the order and hit the free shipping target I added the Dr. Gross peel set. I’ve been wanting to try a peel for awhile and this set was pretty well rated and as a 5 use set it lets me try it long enough to know if I want to make the commitment to buy the big size. The 3 Little Wonders is a 7 day set of 4 products that I’m excited to try also. My skincare regimen needs a boost now that I’m pushing 30.



Lip tar swatches from left to right (in 4 different lighting situations): Ophelia, Grandma, Melange, Stalker, Vintage.



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