Sephora Haul


Sephora was running a pretty nice Labor Day weekend sale online so I put in an order. The first half arrived yesterday and the second half today. I’m thrilled to get the Marchesa perfume; I tried it in the store when I returned the one rollerball from the first order and looooved it! The Moonshadow Palette is absolutely fabulous and I’m so thrilled with these shadows! I had to swatch them all and they’re so beautiful the photo can’t do them justice! The lip tars are also awesome! This post is nothing but exclamation points; I’m so thrilled with this order! I know I said I was starting a no buy cycle but I had to return one of the products (not pictured) I wound up scoring another mini haul. I’ve been really fragrance obsessed lately… Now I’m done shopping!





Lip Tars swatched left to right (in 4 different lighting conditions): Harlot, Nylon, Trollop


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