BH Cosmetics Haul


My BH Cosmetics order finally arrived. Took my sweet time getting around to unboxing it but… mmm! That eyeshadow palette is to die for! I did find out it’s the same as the Coastal Scents 120 Palette 2… apparently they use the same supplier and just brand them differently, but they’re both on sale for the same price from both sites so no loss. I just need to compare prices the next time I buy from either one.

The liquid foundation wound up a shade too dark; makes me a little orange. It was only $3.95 though so no big loss and I can use it for contouring. I like the formula so I’ll definitely order the lighter shade the next time I need foundation.

Those brushes are lovely, too. They complement my Sonia Kashuk set nicely and I can’t wait to take them for a spin!



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